Biomimicry is the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modelled on biological entities and processes. We are, after all, biological ourselves, not separate from nature. We can optimise our lives by looking to nature for intelligent solutions, designs and systems. When we look to nature to teach us how to live we [...]


The transitions within our lives are sacred rites of passage from light into darkness and from darkness into light, just like the phases of the moon. Just like the flow of the breath, we contract and expand. Just like a heartbeat. Life is pulsating along in rhythms and cycles with or without our awareness. When [...]


New growth and new beginnings are the quintessential nature of spring. In this article we will take a look at how we can utilise the tools and wisdom of the yoga tradition to create new habits [Sadhana], set new intentions [Sankalpa], and allow stillness for new possibilities to arise [Śavasana]. The tradition of yoga is [...]


Habitus is a term that encompasses our general predispositions and the cultural factors that maintain our sense of self. The term habitus was made famous by the French sociologist Pierre Bordieu who used it to describe the factors that create, maintain and guide our sense of self. Our sense of self is commonly subconscious however [...]


Everything is medicine. Some even say that the most potent form of medicine is not that which we consume physically but that which is invisible. The invisible connections between people, plants and everything are the foundations of our health and wellbeing. The invisible connections of community and diversity are the foundations that allow everyone and [...]


Like the soil of the earth our skin needs a nourishing environment to thrive: plenty of water, a variety of nutrients and diversity of species. Our skin is an indicator of our internal environment, as all of this nourishment is absorbed internally. However, our skin is also an indicator of our external environment, the quality [...]


Looking back over your life, who are the people that have influenced your path the most? Sometimes these people are of great significance, like a grandmother or grandfather. Sometimes these people come into your life only for a fleeting yet potent moment. And sometimes these people have always been there but their presence and support [...]


We are in a time of unlearning. We are unlearning habitual patterns of behaviour that do not serve us but that have been imposed on us. We have learnt to keep up with the pace and buffer ourselves to the pressure. Inhale, go! Inhale, go! Inhale, go! It is time to unlearn these habitual shallow [...]