Looking back over your life, who are the people that have influenced your path the most? Sometimes these people are of great significance, like a grandmother or grandfather. Sometimes these people come into your life only for a fleeting yet potent moment. And sometimes these people have always been there but their presence and support [...]



We are in a time of unlearning. We are unlearning habitual patterns of behaviour that do not serve us but that have been imposed on us. We have learnt to keep up with the pace and buffer ourselves to the pressure. Inhale, go! Inhale, go! Inhale, go! It is time to unlearn these habitual shallow [...]

The Forager

Becoming a forager for wild edible plants is to return to the most natural way of gathering food. It just feels right. And is incomparable to collecting food from a supermarket shelf. Of course we need to be cautious, we need to know the difference between the berries that are delicious and the berries that [...]

Becoming the Sage

The Sage is the wise one within us. The Sage is the quiet, subtle and patient part of us that sits and waits to be seen. We are both the Seer (the see-er) and the Sage.  We seek to understand the world around us and we find our insight and wisdom from the world within. [...]