The laws of nature that govern our lives teach us how to flow with the currants of life, how to yield to change and adapt to the constant cycling of the seasons. Spring is a time of throwing off our heavy fur coats and woolen hats in order to be light and revel in the beauty of the abundant blossoms. Our lightness of being throughout summer depends on how many layers of clothing we have allowed to fall to the ground. Our sense of freedom, freshness and purity depends on how efficiently we have cleansed our temple; how comfortable we have become with our nakedness. To purge is to become purified. And purification is the rite of passage into a new phase of life. To be purified is to let go of burdens and worn out ways of being, dense thought patterns or toxic emotional responses. The laws of nature only let us pass through the gates into a new beginning, a place of new perspectives and inspiration, if we have let go of our burdensome load. And in letting go we find a lightness of being.


How do we let go of our burdensome load? We begin by detoxing the body; cleansing the home; purifying the temple. Our bodies have a vast capacity to metabolize or store toxins from our environment, from the air we breathe, to the water we drink and the food we eat. However, the more we burden our bodies with pollution the harder it is to feel light – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Conversely, the more we purify the body the more light we feel. The state of our physical bodies is intrinsically linked to our energy levels and our state of mind. Matter does not function in isolation; matter functions interchangeably with energy and is influenced by our consciousness. This is not a lofty idea it is a scientific fact. There are three fundamental factors that co-exist in our world and they are matter, energy and consciousness. It is the undeniable experience of our mind-body connection. Therefore, if we are very strong willed and know how to direct our will accurately and efficiently to let go of our mental and emotional burdens then that is great. However, unless we are able to spend hours a meditating to cultivate this skill then most of us will need to begin by shifting the matter of our physical burdens first.


Physical purification can be achieved with three key factors: food medicine, plant medicine and movement medicine.


A medicine is to take the appropriate measures for healing, or for transforming from a state of ill health to a state of health.


Health means to be whole.


Food Medicine – To purify the body we need to address everything that enters into the body. We generally eat three meals a day and consume infinite beverages in a day, this is a lot of potential medicine or poison that we need to address in order to lighten our physical burden. Begin with the basics: What is the first thing that enters your mouth? Lemon juice or apple cider vinegar in warm water is a good place to start. Do you make your own meals or do you eat out? Are you buying organic produce? Do you drink more than one coffee a day? Are you keeping hydrated with pure water throughout the day? Keep it simple. Focus on pure water and fresh organic wholefoods. If you know that wheat, or dairy, or caffeine, or sugar do not sit well in your stomach then cease to allow these foods into your body. Try it for three weeks, let go of anything superfluous in your diet, trusting that you will survive without it. Surprise yourself with your innate willpower and give yourself the opportunity to experience the freedom of simplicity.


Plant Medicine – To purify the body we need a little extra help from our medicinal plant friends. Not surprisingly, many of them are categorised as depuratives, which cleanse the blood. There are also plant medicines known as hepatics, which support the capacity of the liver to detoxify the blood. Why do we need to cleanse and detoxify the blood? Our blood is the source of life for every cell of the body, carrying nutrients to and carrying waste materials from every cell. If our toxic load is heavy then our blood will be recirculating waste materials to every cell; our muscles, our brain, our lungs, our bones, our whole body becomes dull and heavy. By supporting blood cleansing we are increasing the efficiency of our body to eliminate toxins, therefore lightening the load and enabling our blood to be rich with life giving nutrients. By cleansing and detoxifying the blood we become physically lighter and brighter, and every cell of the body can function better.


Movement Medicine – To purify the body we need support the flow of movement so that the toxins move out and pure nutrients move in. We do this naturally with food and plant medicine but we make this process more efficient with physical movement. Light exercise, such as walking, qi gong, tai chi or yoga asana, drives the flow of the blood and the lymphatic system, which is the waste removal system of the body. The structure of a lymph vessel is much like a vein because its role is to move fluid counter to the force of gravity and it does not have the heart as a pump. Lymph vessels contain valves much like veins to prevent backflow, as well as smooth muscles surrounding the vessel to aid in the upward movement, this is why light exercise and light massive enhance lymphatic clearance. Waste material that have been collected by the lymph vessels will be sent through the bloodstream to the renal arteries that enter the kidneys to be filtered and excreted via urine. An excellent reason to keep hydrated with pure water.


The on-flow affect of purifying the body is that we intrinsically begin to purify the mind, by cleansing the blood and lightening the physical load, our minds become freer to find new ways of perceiving. We find a lightness in our footsteps, a lightness in our hearts and a lightness in our minds.


Wherever there is light there is consciousness ~ Samael Aun Weor



The following are some of our favourite DEPURATIVE medicinal plants…

DEPURATIVE: A substance that cleanses and purifies

[Purification: Freedom from pollution]


RED CLOVER Trifolium pratense



KAWAKAWA leaves Macropiper excelsum



CALENDULA flowers Calendula officinalis



BURDOCK root Arctium lappa



GLOBE ARTICHOKE Cynara scolymus



WORMWOOD Artemisia absinthium



ECHINACEA root Echinacea angustifolia



NETTLE Urtica dioica



SCHISANDRA berries Schisandra chinensis




DANDELION root Taraxacum officinale



CLEAVERS leaves Galium aparine




NASTURTIUM flowers & leaves Tropaeolum majus



Ask us at Wellington Apothecary or your local herbalist for more information on what herbs will be suited to your unique depurative needs.



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