Do you feel that it is time to elevate your life to the next level but are overwhelmed by the possibilities and expectations of a new year and a new decade? Sometimes it feels all too easy to feel stuck, or remain in patterns that are unhealthy and disempowering. Sometimes it is easier to feel comfortably numb rather than feel the edge of discomfort and take a leap of faith into unknown territory. They say everything happens when the time is right, but how do we recognise when we need to actively breakthrough our limitations in order to elevate? In this article we will explore some ways to reach beyond our comfort zone so that we can dig deeper and rise higher into our fullest potential.


Some questions we can ask ourselves are:

What areas of my life feel stagnant?

When do I feel frustrated with myself or my life circumstances?

How do I think and feel about myself in uncomfortable situations?


The areas that we feel stagnant are the areas that we have become comfortable with despite how they may negatively impact us. These areas have the potential to be transformed into a source of freedom and power. Once we have the experience of reaching beyond our comfort zone we naturally feel more alive and more confident in our capabilities to get what we want and need in life. We get a taste of something new, something more satisfying than before. Start small. Follow your sense of fun, creativity, or adventure. Try something new. Take the time to listen to the quiet voice inside that wants to try dancing lessons, or scuba diving, or carpentry. Whatever it is, listen to it, trust it, and act on it.


When we feel frustrated with ourselves it is because we know deep down that something could be better but we have simply never learned how to make a change, ask for what we need, or go out and get what we want. Or perhaps we don’t yet know what we really want, we have simply been following a cultural narrative of what we should want. Frustration is a signal that we are keeping ourselves safe and small, and sometimes we need to compromise our false sense of safety in order to elevate into new and exciting ways of being. Listen to your frustration, it is telling you what patterns you are replaying. Once you know your patterns you can begin to catch yourself in the moment, you can take your power back to think differently, feel differently and therefore act differently when that situation occurs again.


As we know, awareness is the key to elevation. Being aware of how we talk to ourselves in uncomfortable situations is the key to transforming the way we do what we have always done. Notice, do you chastise yourself for saying something awkward, offhand, abrupt, or for staying silent on something that means a lot to you? Do you curse your body when it doesn’t behave the way you want it to? In order to breakthrough sometimes we need to breakdown, and that means deconstructing our negative self talk. There is not much point in changing the world around you if you are still plagued with your inner world wherever you go. In order to transform we need to honour our feelings and listen to the wisdom of our bodies. This is the most important line of communication we have.


If you are ready to breakthrough into new territory, in a way that is empowering and not just pushing through from one terrifying moment to another, then here are six ideas to play with:


PLEASURE. Give yourself down time. Plan it into your daily schedule and do it. Make time to do nothing, to just be, or to do something that you love. Make this a time with no agenda, you are not trying to achieve anything, you are simply taking the time to enjoy being alive. It may feel frivolous, dare I say irresponsible, at first but it is absolutely your birthright. Stop all the doing, and simply feel your worthiness and pleasure of just being. If that feels like a big leap then give yourself that time specifically for therapeutic touch, simply touching your body signals you are safe and loved. And rewires your nervous system to feel more pleasure.


JOURNALING. A place to purge, get that shit out, let that shit go. If you see a counsellor, even better. If not, then allow yourself the space to vent. Write out all of your pent up emotions, get clear about your frustrations, your desires, your blocks. You cannot transform if you do not know what you are working with. Clear out all of the dirty dark cupboards in your mind so that you know yourself more than anyone else. By knowing yourself – the ‘good’, ‘bad’ and the ‘ugly’ – you have the power to get what you want out of life. Shine a light in those neglected corners so that you can stop being afraid of what lies in the dark.


PLANT MEDICINE. Physiological support is an essential solid foundation for elevation. If you have pain or discomfort in your body it can seem like an obstacle but it is a gateway to understanding the wisdom that it is trying to bestow. Our body sends us painful messages when something isn’t right with the way we are living. Seek help to listen to it and heal it. Plant medicine is an empowering way to enhance your physical wellbeing even when you don’t have major health issues. Some amazing plants like Holy Basil, Rhodiola and Withania can enhance your mood, your sleep and your resilience, allowing you to access your innate and unique super powers.


SOUND. Music has the capacity to take us to emotional depths in order to heal. It takes us beyond the limited neo-cortical thinking mind, where we think we know what we need, and into the depths of our psyche that knows exactly what we need. Listen to music that is soothing to you, or resonates with your current emotional state (that can be heavy-metal if thats what you’re into). And let yourself be moved by it. Another potent healing method is to make sound yourself, let out a deep sigh, a wail or a moan and notice how much lighter you feel. Repressed emotions weigh us down, sounding it out releases it from the body and allows us to feel fresh and free.


BREATHWORK. It can take just 5 minutes to elevate your state of mind by actively deepening your breath. There are many breathing techniques that can have the same effect as meditation within a fraction of the time. A few key ones to try are the simple yogic breath, deep belly breathing, in through the nose and out through the nose. Or, the more vigorous kapal bhati, rapid belly breathing as you pump your diaphragm, actively exhaling and passively inhaling. The former will calm you down, the latter will clear you out.


SUPPORT. It is all too easy for us to feel alone, or that there is something wrong with us and no one will understand us. Staying in that state of mind is paralysing. It is hard, and it is a vulnerable thing to do, but it is essential to reach out. Whether to friends, or family, or even a virtual stranger, everyone has the potential to be your brother or sister. We often assume that unfamiliar people won’t get us but sometimes a fresh perspective is just what we need. You will not only build a bridge of understanding between yourself and another, but you will build a new platform of support from which to elevate yourself beyond disempowering patterns.


We do not need to remain small, stuck, limited, or alone. Life is calling us to act, transform, and elevate. If you would like to reach out to us, or find out more about what you have read here then get in touch by leaving a message here or through our website http://www.wellingtonapothecary.co.nz


Much love and respect to you for being here, showing up for yourself and claiming your birthright to thrive!




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