“Cultivating flow state needs to have identifiable goals… Flow is a lot about having choice and agency”.

Juliette McConachy ~ Awakening Arts 


Going with the flow is easier said than done, right? That is because in order to go with the flow we need to know how and where the flow is going. It is not about forcing the flow to go where you think you want it to go, this will have the opposite effect. It requires giving up the part of you that thinks you already know what you want and how things should be. It requires mapping out the areas that we are bound and the limitations that we see so that we know what areas we absolutely do have choice and agency. And it requires surrendering the body-mind to something beyond previous conceptions.

AFFIRMATION: I accept and embrace the unknown.


Going with the flow requires feeling safe and free from judgment, mostly from our own inner critic. It is essential to understand right now that you will be judged by others if you dare to be bold or take actions that are ‘out of character’. The crucial part of this understanding is that other peoples judgment has nothing to do with you and is only a reflection of their own frustration at being stuck. For the most part it is your own inner critic that holds you back from making identifiable goals and accessing your flow state.

AFFIRMATION: I am safe and I am free to be me. 


Going with the flow requires getting comfortable with breaking out of your comfort zone. Reaching towards a new goal takes us to the edge of our comfort zone. It is at this edge or limit of our skillset that we learn the most, as we stand on the edge of the precipice that opens up into a whole new level of being. All of our senses are heightened, our body-mind is anticipating an new experience, our focus is crystal clear and our hearts feel aligned to something true. The mystery of the unknown calling us is what stimulates our whole being to reach, extend and evolve like never before.

AFFIRMATION: I am ready breakthrough the old and into the new. 


Going with the flow feels like action merging with awareness, in other words, loss of self-consciousness. When we are completely absorbed in what we are doing we cease to exist.  Our hypnotic robotic thoughts about who we are and what we are doing fall away, we forget ourselves. We transcend our mundane existence that keeps us bound to rigid patterns of who we think we are and how we think life should be. Self-consciousness is to be hyper-aware to the point of control; flow state consciousness is to be pure awareness itself. No tomorrow, no yesterday. Just now.

AFFIRMATION: I surrender my limited sense of self and I transcend my limited sense of self.


Going with the flow means having a goal that is aligned with your heart and trusting that you have all the tools you need to succeed. You do not need to have every step mapped out in front of you, all you need to do is take one step in that direction and face what is in front of you. One step at a time. Each choice you make will offer you valuable feedback which you can use as fuel to encourage you to take the next step. As much as we like to think we can anticipate an outcome, we cannot truly know the outcome of our actions until we take them. Loosen up your expectations and allow yourself to be surprised.

AFFIRMATION: My heart knows the way and I have everything I need.


Going with the flow takes courage and trust. Trust that taking action aligned with your heartfelt goals will always yield a valuable lesson. Trust that if your heart says YES then it does not matter if others around you say no. Trust that the unknown is an exciting place to step into and that you will be supported with each step. Trust yourself to face whatever arises from moment to moment, instead of anticipating events in the future. Take complete care of this moment right now with the same kind of attention you would give to a lover, or a newborn baby, or a dear friend on their deathbed.

AFFIRMATION: I am courageous and I trust myself completely to meet life wholeheartedly. 


This is the potency of your life force should you choose to use it. This is flow.


ENDNOTE: Affirmations can give rise to resistance, this is natural, as the purpose of an affirmation is to reprogramme our subconscious thoughts, or move us beyond our comfort zone. Our subconscious thoughts block our natural flow, without us even knowing we limit ourselves by assuming that reality is a certain way. All of us have subconscious thoughts, it is simply how we have absorbed information subconsciously about how we should live or about the nature of reality. We can call this our individual programming or our cultural conditioning, it doesn’t matter what you call it. What matters is that you can identify thoughts that block or inhibit you and use the tools available such as affirmations to live your life the way you yearn for it to be.



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